Chapter Guide
Chapter 150
Golden Age 149: Quality of Perfect
Golden Age 151: The World's Strongest Man


Germany is overwhelming Japan and has taken a commanding 5-0 lead. Both Irie and Atobe are exhausted. Tezuka asks Atobe how much longer he's planning to just kneel there, and while Atobe keeps going after the ball, it's no use - Germany wins 6-0 after a well-placed shot from QP. Fuji is shivering, shocked by Tezuka's current strength.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 16
Golden Age 149: Quality of PerfectGolden Age 150: MirageGolden Age 151: The World's Strongest ManGolden Age 152: JunctureGolden Age 153: Summer DreamGolden Age 154: Glass of MemoriesGolden Age 155: Sayonara YesterdayGolden Age 156: I'm HereGolden Age 157: The Compensation of 1 GameGolden Age 158: Tennis CyborgGolden Age 159: OpferGolden Age 160: Voice of Memory

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