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While the American team prepares for their own Pre-WC matches, Dudu is checking his phone to find out that Japan is leading 1-0 over Germany. He's quite surprised about this whereas Ryoma's reaction to the news is that apparently Germany isn't as good as everyone thought. Ryoga thinks that Germany won't take that lying down.

Back in the stadium, Atobe and Irie are waiting for their opponents. Germany's first representative is none other than QP who the crowd is going crazy over. QP says that with this much attention on him, he won't be able to play at even 1/10 of his real strength. Yanagi and Inui explain that QP stands for Quality of Perfect and that his real name and birthplace are unknown. Apparently he has received a special tennis education for the gifted since he was a baby and is now among the top of the top class, the ultimate masterpiece of the German Tennis Academy.

The second German rep Tezuka. When facing him on the court, he thanks Atobe for leading the others this far. Shiraishi and Yukimura then explain to Kintarou that Tezuka participates in the tournament because of Volk, and that anyone is allowed to play for a country as long as they're living in that country. Kintarou concludes that Tezuka is their enemy from now on.

The second match is about to start.


  • This is the first chapter named after a foreign player's registered name (his real name being unknown).
  • The title of this chapter is not printed anywhere in the chapter itself and can only be seen in the index of the volume release.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 16
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