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Chapter 147
Golden Age 146: Tacit Consent
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Back in the present day, French representative Leopold Camus is spectating the match between Germany and Japan. He comments that Duke just left after the match two years ago and so this is where he went.

In the meantime, Bismarck jumps towards one of Duke's shots, thinking that the Japanese team is definitely stronger than they expected, but that he will change the flow of the match with this shot. However, much to Bismarck's surprise Fuji barely manages to tap the return. Germany has a chance to smash now, but Bismarck is still on the ground. Siegfried comes from behind to finish the point. As he is about to smash he notices that Fuji got back into position to hit Hollyhock Blizzard, so Siegfried instead hits a short cross volley that Fuji cannot reach.

Duke rushes towards the ball, seemingly preparing to slam it back to the German side of the court. But just as Siegfried thinks to himself that any attempt to hit Duke Homerun here will result in the ball going out, Duke instead pulls out a new move - "Duke Bunt."

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