Chapter Guide
Chapter 146
Golden Age 145: Destroyer
Golden Age 147: Together with Disgrace


The flashback continues. The scene shifted to the WC courts where the match between France and Japan is underway. The overall score is 2-2 and it is time for the deciding 5th match. Duke is waiting on the court, but his opponent hasn't arrived yet.

As the gaze of the audience shifts to the stadium entrance, Byoudouin finally comes in, still staggering and still losing blood. Duke is shocked to see his opponent's condition.

Despite everything that happened, Byoudouin still plays the match to the end, but he doesn't have the strength to overcome Duke. As a result, Japan drops out of the WC.

The other Japanese reps are upset, but Byoudouin ignores them. He goes to the coaches and declares that he takes full responsibility for this loss. When Byoudouin is about to leave the venue, Duke is waiting for him and says that he will accompany Byoudouin back to Japan and play for the Japanese team from now on.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 15
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