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Chapter 145
Golden Age 144: My "Guidepost"
Golden Age 146: Tacit Consent


The match between Germany and Japan continues, the current score is 4-4. Bismarck is still playing vs Duke and Fuji by himself. Byoudouin orders Duke to finally go all-out and after asking if that's really alright, with the words "It's playbaaaaaaaaaall!!" Duke uses his muscles to rip open his uniform. The middle schoolers are surprised by this, and Byoudouin tells them that Duke was known as "Destroyer" before.

Flashback. France two years ago at the time of that year's World Cup. Duke, a representative of the French U-17 at the time, is taking a walk with his little sister, Chloe, and they seem to be talking about the upcoming WC match against Japan. Chloe then runs off to get some food from a nearby store. Byoudouin is sitting on a bench near that same store, reading a magazine. The headline says "Roi du destruction" ("King of destruction") and a picture of Duke is shown underneath.

When Chloe finishes buying the food, a part of the store roof suddenly collapses, threatening to crush her. Duke yells a warning at her and runs over, but he's too late. When he arrives at the scene and throws the roof parts out of the way it is revealed that Byoudouin protected Chloe from the rubble. Duke is relieved that his sister isn't injured, but before he can talk to her savior, Byoudouin walks away. At the end of the chapter he is seen staggering in a back alley while blood is dripping from his wound.

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