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Chapter 140
Golden Age 139: The Ultimate Draw Luck
Golden Age 141: A Perfect Away


All of the representatives are on a bus heading the World Cup Arena. Tanegashima still hasn't arrived yet because he's currectly on a boat headed towards Austrailia.

They're all discussing which High Schooler and Middle Schoolers will team up for the Pre-WC

  • Irie: "It looks like Atobe and I will team up"
  • Atobe: "I decline"
  • Irie: "You're kidding me!"
  • Ohmagari: (to Akutsu) "Hey, you wanna pair up with me?"
  • Akutsu: "Keh"
  • Tohno: "Hey Pompadour Four Eyes, how about pairing with me?"
  • Kite: "I'd have to regretfully decl..."
  • Tohno: "Though I guess not, since you'd turn on me immediately!"

They arrive at the WC arena, all the players are assembling

  • Mifune: "Win! That's all." The All-Japan reps get excited. "I'll send you guys up first to go die..."
  • Duke: "Being the Raid Captain against the world. Oh Dear me, I'm nervous. Heh"
  • Fuji: "Let's go experience the world"

Fuji and Duke enter the stage as the first doubles pair.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 15
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