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Chapter 138
Golden Age 137: The Grand Pickup Battle! The Spirit of the Japanese Boys Tennis is Here!!
Golden Age 139: The Ultimate Draw Luck


Ryoma and Oishi (along with Atobe Kirihara and Niou) have a chance meeting. Oishi tells him: "The coach intends to make you an All-Japan Rep!" Echizen says "Sorry, but I'm an All-American Rep" and leaves. His eyes change to look like when he is in Ten'imuhou.

Oishi returns to the hotel and reports the situation to the other middle school members It's an overwhelming response that everyone "really wants to battle Echizen".

  • Fuji: "For him there really is no such thing as borders between nations. Defeat the guy you want to defeat. That's always been his stance since even long ago."

Oni is reporting the information to Duke and Byoudouin in their room.

  • Duke: "It seems he really wants to take you on, Boss...heh"
  • Byoudouin: "Hmph...Let's attain the world, Oni"


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 15
Golden Age 138: Ultimate RivalsGolden Age 139: The Ultimate Draw LuckGolden Age 140: The Pre-World Cup Opens!!Golden Age 141: A Perfect AwayGolden Age 142: Turning the TablesGolden Age 143: Goodbye, Tezuka KunimitsuGolden Age 144: My "Guidepost"Golden Age 145: DestroyerGolden Age 146: Tacit ConsentGolden Age 147: Together with DisgraceGolden Age 148: Real...

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