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Chapter 137
Golden Age 136: The Horrifying Akuto Meshi
Golden Age 138: Ultimate Rivals


The Pick-Up Contest continues. Inui and Yamagi appear to serve Inui Juice to the failures.

Nakagauchi does some robot dancing but it scares away the girls. He fails. Instead of trying Akuto Meshi. He sample's Penal-Tea. He passes out with a riceball in his mouth. Sanada uses his tennis techniques to try and kiss a girl. He fails.

Shuji picks a girl using the segway but Mifune considers this cheating and he is forced to eat Akuto Meshi. The middle schoolers finally score a point, thanks to Marui Bunta.

Akaya also manages to pick up a punk girl, while Hakamada fails. Duke passes but Gin fails. He's too sensitive.

The score is 2-4, the high schoolers favour. Its Kimijima's turn. He sings a song and asks girls to help put suntan oil on hi back. 5 girls want to do it. The song is heard again, and the 2nd Kimijima asks girls to also out suntan oil on his back too. He's revealed to be Niou.

Irie and Atobe decide to duke it out. Irie runs around but no one notices him. He panics but jokes. He fails. Atobe just sits down and snaps his fingers and girls from all over the beach surround him. Even girls across the sea are flocking to see him.

Tohno attempts to kidnap a girl. He fails, so does Akutsu since he's being aggressive. Date also fails, while Shiraishi is being bashful, causing him to fail.

Its now down to Byodoin and Oishi. Byodoin takes a mafia lady by force. The boyfriend does not like this so he pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot. Byodoin reveals another one of his world techniqeus and the ball goes into the gun, causing it to explode.

Trouble brews. Trying to get others to calm down, Kimijima offers to negotiate with them. However that fails. Everyone runs away. Oishi, Atobe, Niou, and Akaya are lost and try to ask for directions back to their hotel. They ask a guy on his motorcycle only to see Ryoma as a passenger on the motorbike.

Techniques IntroducedEdit


  • This is currently the longest New Prince of Tennis chapter title.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 14
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