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Chapter 136
Golden Age 135: The Path Straight to Being a Pro
Golden Age 137: The Grand Pickup Battle! The Spirit of the Japanese Boys Tennis is Here!!


The Japanese representatives are at a beach, presumably in Melbourne, Australia. Coach Mifune sets up a Pick-Up Contest. The rules were bring a girl back to the group, if not, they would have to try Akuto's meshi (a rice dish). Mori samples one and immediately passes out. Now both teams are equal: 13 against 13.

Oni is the first high schooler. He speaks English to a girl but he gets turned away. He falls victim to the meshi. Kintarō, not wanting to lose to Oni again, is the first middle schooler to go. He speaks Japanese to a lady but is rejected since he is 10 years too young.

Tokugawa is the second high schooler. He succeeds by saying his trademark phrase "Do you want to go home?" The girl latches onto his arm. Fuji goes next. Instead of picking up a girl, he immediately samples Akuto's Meshi. To him, its delicious, but he passes out from it.

Ochi is the third high schooler. He glares at a girl then walks away. The girl ends up following him, giving him a point. Kite is the next middle schooler. He speaks fluent English to a girl but when she gets up, he suffers a nosebleed since she was fully naked.

Ōmagari is the next high schooler. He manages to pick up two girls (his method was not shown). The current score is 3-0, in the high schoolers favor. Yukimura is the next middle schooler. He uses a pickup line "You're just like a Renault portrait." However, it's revealed that he picked up a guy, and is therefore eliminated.

Atobe starts getting thirsty. Mitsuya, expecting this, introduces Inui and Renji, serving different types of Inui Juice .


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 14
Golden Age 130: Those Who Lead the WayGolden Age 131: The Head Coach AppearsGolden Age 132: BaptismGolden Age 133: The 14th ManGolden Age 134: Ryoma Goes ForthGolden Age 135: The Path Straight to Being a ProGolden Age 136: The Horrifying Akuto MeshiGolden Age 137: The Grand Pickup Battle! The Spirit of the Japanese Boys Tennis is Here!!

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