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Chapter 133
Golden Age 132: Baptism
Golden Age 134: Ryoma Goes Forth


Ryoma has defeated Maxwell without an issue. Maxwell, unable to accept defeat, tries to punish Ryoma only to fall and gets tangled in the net. Rocky Meledies introduces himself and congratulates Ryoma for defeating Maxwell.

C. RidelS. Truman, and all other prospects challenge Ryoma, but are defeated without an issue.

While all this is going, Kiko, Dodo, and Ralph are discussing the tournament brackets. Each has a opponent they want to see Ryoma play against, not knowing it was happening all the while.

Rocky is commented to be playing evenly with Ryoma until Ryoma shows his Samurai.

The three high schoolers assume Ryoma got lost and walked out to the tennis courts. They figure Ryoma has defeated all the prospects and Ralph announces Ryoma as the 14th man. Ryoma then challenges one of the American Representatives.

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New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 14
Golden Age 130: Those Who Lead the WayGolden Age 131: The Head Coach AppearsGolden Age 132: BaptismGolden Age 133: The 14th ManGolden Age 134: Ryoma Goes ForthGolden Age 135: The Path Straight to Being a ProGolden Age 136: The Horrifying Akuto MeshiGolden Age 137: The Grand Pickup Battle! The Spirit of the Japanese Boys Tennis is Here!!

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