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Chapter 131
Golden Age 130: Those Who Lead the Way
Golden Age 132: Baptism


The Head Coach is revealed to be none other than Nyudō Mifūne. The middle schoolers are shocked and Atobe asks the returning losers if they know the "filty old man". Mifune punches Akaya and then goes on the announce the 14 selected Middle School Representatives that will join the High Schoolers at the U-17 World Cup.

In order of selection, the chosen middles schoolers are: Atobe (Captain), Yukimura, Shiraishi, Sanada, Akutsu, Kintaro, Marui, Fuji (Shusuke), Niou, Gin Ishida, Oishi, Kite, Kirihara, and Ryoma but he left to join the American team.

The scene cuts to Ryoma and Ryoga arriving at the airport in the US and meets three U-17 All American Representatives.

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New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 14
Golden Age 130: Those Who Lead the WayGolden Age 131: The Head Coach AppearsGolden Age 132: BaptismGolden Age 133: The 14th ManGolden Age 134: Ryoma Goes ForthGolden Age 135: The Path Straight to Being a ProGolden Age 136: The Horrifying Akuto MeshiGolden Age 137: The Grand Pickup Battle! The Spirit of the Japanese Boys Tennis is Here!!

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