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Chapter 127
Golden Age 126: Camp Eviction
Golden Age 128: Fortune Slips


The next morning, Tokugawa wakes up in the infirmary. Irie and Oni were with him. Oni tells him what happened to Ryoma and that the 2nd string only won the first game. He comments that Ryoma is an amusing kid.

Tokugawa wanted to apoloagize to Irie and Oni since they put a lot of time and effort into him and he still couldn't defeat Byodoin. Oni encourages that Tokugawa will definitely win next time. Oni tells Tokugawa to rest up.

Ryoma is sitting on a train on his own. When he reaches his destination and gets off, he sees Sakuno Ryūzaki. He asks her if she wants to hang out with him.


  • This chapters marks the first appearance of Sakuno in New Prince of Tennis.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 13
Golden Age 120: Supreme RulerGolden Age 121: Awakening At The Time Of DeathGolden Age 122: DeterminationGolden Age 123: The StrongGolden Age 124: To Our FutureGolden Age 125: SamuraiGolden Age 126: Camp EvictionGolden Age 127: A Brief CalmGolden Age 128: Fortune SlipsGolden Age 129: Invitation

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