Chapter Guide
Chapter 126
Golden Age 125: Samurai
Golden Age 127: A Brief Calm


Ryoma is ordered to leave the U-17 camp. The people closest to him don't want him to leave.

However, Byodoin tells him to hold it. He serves a ball to Ryoma but it narrowly misses him and hits the water tower instead causing it to collaspe. The water tower also narrowly misses Ryoma. Byodoin comments on his sheer luck.

Ryoma declares he'll defeat Byodoin the next time they meet, but Byodoin replies there won't be a next time.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 13
Golden Age 120: Supreme RulerGolden Age 121: Awakening At The Time Of DeathGolden Age 122: DeterminationGolden Age 123: The StrongGolden Age 124: To Our FutureGolden Age 125: SamuraiGolden Age 126: Camp EvictionGolden Age 127: A Brief CalmGolden Age 128: Fortune SlipsGolden Age 129: Invitation

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