Chapter Guide
Chapter 102
Golden Age 101: Akutsu's Withdrawal
Golden Age 103: Each and Every Fate


Akutsu assured Sengoku that he is no longer playing tennis. Sengoku gives him a choice. Hit the can into the bin and he should continue. If he misses, Sengoku will leave and stop bothering him.

Sengoku really wants Akustu to return to the tennis club. He really doesn't give Akutsu a choice.

Akutsu aggressively takes Sengoku's tennis bag. Akutsu takes the serving position and hits the can...

Akutsu serves and it speeds past Tanegashima, scoring the first point.

The flashback reveals that Akustu successfully hits the can into the trash can but he still doesn't want to continue playing tennis.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 11
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