Chapter Guide
Chapter 101
Golden Age 100: Emperor X Monster
Golden Age 102: Lucky or Unlucky


Akutsu's flashback continues. He's kicking at a vending machine...He was revealed to have been robbed of a backpack, cell phone, wallet, and a bus ticket.

Akutsu asks the police officer if he can borrow some money. He doesn't stay for an answer. So he walks around the city.

Akutsu is training secretly while his mother is on the phone to the Yamabuki coach. Its revealed that he was going to America to study tennis but he changed his mind at the last minute.

Akutsu is revealed to like tennis but is too embarrased to say it out loud. He recognises Sengoku at a vending machine saying he was lucky in getting another free one (can of coffee). Sengoku turns around and sees Akutsu. He offers the can of coffee to Akutsu.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 11
Golden Age 096: A Demon...Once More!Golden Age 097: Conclusion of the Off-Court Battle!Golden Age 098: Seeking Even Greater HeightsGolden Age 099: Golden TennisGolden Age 100: Emperor X MonsterGolden Age 101: Akutsu's WithdrawalGolden Age 102: Lucky or UnluckyGolden Age 103: Each and Every FateGolden Age 104: The 1st String's PaceGolden Age 105: Nitouryuu Ohmagari RyuujiGolden Age 106: KarmaGolden Age 107: Black Aura

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