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Chapter 96
Golden Age 095: Byoudoin vs Oni (Part 2)
Golden Age 097: Conclusion of the Off-Court Battle!


The entire audience is shocked. Oni's true strength have been revealed. The middle schoolers comment that he resembled a demon.

Byodoin's scar on his forehead starts to throb in pain. The demonic Oni, Byodoin knows, has returned.

Oni wins the first set, 6-3. Kintaro is helpless at this point.

Irie gives a brief summary what happened two years ago. Oni defeated Byodoin and he remained the top Japanese player while Byodoin was involved in mountain training.

Tokugawa completes the story by telling the audience that he waited for the rise of a new generation while staying on the 5th court. He reveals he had no idea of Oni's true power.

Sanada notices that Akutsu is still gone so he goes to search for him.

Oni wins 3 games straight in the 2nd set. Kintaro's knees begin to wobble.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 11
Golden Age 096: A Demon...Once More!Golden Age 097: Conclusion of the Off-Court Battle!Golden Age 098: Seeking Even Greater HeightsGolden Age 099: Golden TennisGolden Age 100: Emperor X MonsterGolden Age 101: Akutsu's WithdrawalGolden Age 102: Lucky or UnluckyGolden Age 103: Each and Every FateGolden Age 104: The 1st String's PaceGolden Age 105: Nitouryuu Ohmagari RyuujiGolden Age 106: KarmaGolden Age 107: Black Aura

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