Chapter Guide
Chapter 93
Golden Age 092: Catch The Pole
Golden Age 094: Byoudoin vs Oni (Part 1)


Kintaro and Oni continue their match with both players commenting on each other. Kintaro reminds Oni of himself from tweo years ago, which starts his backstory.

Oni played with children from an orphanage. He helped them catch fish, cut up a watermelon with his tennis racket, and he dressed up as Santa to deliver presents to them. However, he found out their real wish was for Oni to becomes Japan's No.1 tennis player.

Oni arrives at Japan's U-17 Tennis Training Camp and comes face to face with Byodoin.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 10
Golden Age 090: Giving Gum to the HitmanGolden Age 091: Wild AwakeningGolden Age 092: Catch The PoleGolden Age 093: Oni's StoryGolden Age 094: Byoudoin vs Oni (Part 1)Golden Age 095: Byoudoin vs Oni (Part 2)

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