Chapter Guide
Chapter 92
Golden Age 091: Wild Awakening
Golden Age 093: Oni's Story


Akutsu gets aggressive with Ryoga. However Ryoga laughs him off, which pisses Akutsu off. Akutsu serves 10 balls to Ryoga, which hits the walls behind Ryoma, and then he returns each of them without a issue.

Akutsu returns all the balls returned by Ryoga. However, Ryoga hits an orange directly in Akutsu's eye.

Techniques IntroducedEdit

  • Ryoga's Clone technique


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 10
Golden Age 090: Giving Gum to the HitmanGolden Age 091: Wild AwakeningGolden Age 092: Catch The PoleGolden Age 093: Oni's StoryGolden Age 094: Byoudoin vs Oni (Part 1)Golden Age 095: Byoudoin vs Oni (Part 2)

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