Chapter Guide
Chapter 87
Golden Age 086: Motto
Golden Age 088: The Truth Behind the Betrayal


A flashback of Kite's negotiation with Kimijima is shown. Not much is said.

The audience is still mad at Kite for betraying Marui. During the match its 3 vs 1. The score now reaches 4-3, in the 1st stringers favour.

Marui, furious, decides to stand up to Kite. Just as it looks like Kite is going to hit Marui, Kite hits a Habu instead. It still hits Marui, unfortuantely. The first set has concluded, 6-3, 1st string.

The flashback is revealed...Kimijima asked Kite to ensure Tohno will not recover again.

Techniques introdcuedEdit


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 9
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