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Chapter 69
Golden Age 068: Reunion
Golden Age 070: The Ultimate Army - Genius 10


Ryoga introduces himself to Ryoma. Byodoin walks away. Ryoma doesn't remember Ryoga.

Ryoma's roommates Yuta and Kintaro are sleeping while Krauser seems to be writing. Krauser noticed Ryoma has not slept yet.

The Oshitari cousins are arguing over which Super Rookie is better. Their roommates yell at them.

The Higa roommates are all prepared and feel confident about their abilities.

Kawadoki is gloating about defeating the G10 with his "Super Tennis" but Atobe tells him to keep quiet since he won't be having a match with them. Atobe walks to "Niou's Kingom" and tells Niou to get out.

Yagyu tells Jackal about spotting Marui playing with Kite. This makes Jackal upset.

Tokugawa is balancing himself on three fingers, showing his excellent balance. Oni is watching and feeding his pet hamster. Irie is playing his saxaphone on top of a small tower.

Duke and byodoin talk about Byodoin interfering with Ryom and Tokugawa's break. Shuji is taking a drink from the vending machine. Ochi and Mouri are talking about their former teammates. Kimijima and Tohno talk about how much power they should use against the middle schoolers.

Oni has a match and defeats Kazena Kaji without breaking a sweat, revealing that he was the original No.5 and Kaji was just a temporary replacement.

A plane flies by and drops off a package, the middle schooler's uniform.

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