Chapter Guide
Chapter 68
Golden Age 067: Their Respective Thoughts
Golden Age 069: The Night Before the Decisive Battle


Tokugawa and Ryoma continue their rally. Tokugawa reveals some of his backstory. He never lost a single match until he met Byodoin.

After their rally, Byodoin spots both of them and serves a devasting serve. Tokugawa steps in and saves Ryoma. However he gets hit in the stomach. The effect of the serve breaks the wall behind them, leaving a cracked dent.

Byodoin serves again. Luckily a mysterious person steps in ands saves both Tokugawa and Ryoma. Byodoin catches the returned serve.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 7
Golden Age 059: The Insurmountable WallGolden Age 060: PromiseGolden Age 061: Counterattack of the Revolutionary BrigadeGolden Age 062: ConquerGolden Age 063: 108th Level HadōkyūGolden Age 064: Farewell, Strong Middle SchoolersGolden Age 065: Upset VictoryGolden Age 066: To TomorrowGolden Age 067: Their Respective ThoughtsGolden Age 068: Reunion

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