Chapter Guide
Chapter 67
Golden Age 066: To Tomorrow
Golden Age 068: Reunion


Kirihara and Marui recognise No.7 from a commercial on the television. Akaya gets excited and wants to challenge the G10. Marui decides to take a walk.

Sanada and Kaido are running laps together. As Kaido is about to take a drink, Tanegashima zooms past and steals it. They go for Sanada's drink but the same thing happens.

Akutsu is in the library returning a book for Sengoku. He outs it in the wrong section so Omagari pushes all the books out. They both cause an unnoticeable ruckus.

Kite and Marui walk into each other. Marui almost spills his drink but Kite saves the drink. They decide to rally with each other.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 7
Golden Age 059: The Insurmountable WallGolden Age 060: PromiseGolden Age 061: Counterattack of the Revolutionary BrigadeGolden Age 062: ConquerGolden Age 063: 108th Level HadōkyūGolden Age 064: Farewell, Strong Middle SchoolersGolden Age 065: Upset VictoryGolden Age 066: To TomorrowGolden Age 067: Their Respective ThoughtsGolden Age 068: Reunion

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