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Chapter 60
Golden Age 059: The Insurmountable Wall
Golden Age 061: Counterattack of the Revolutionary Brigade


Many middles schoolers wonder where their friends and teammates are. The 1st string line up with the 2nd string ut No.11-No.20 are late. The top 10 aren't really concerned for them. Tokugawa mentions they might be having trouble with the reinforcements.

Momoshiro successfully returns Bakyuun with his own Black Jack Knife, breaking the gut of No.18 and No.19's tennis rackets.

Characters IntroducedEdit


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 7
Golden Age 059: The Insurmountable WallGolden Age 060: PromiseGolden Age 061: Counterattack of the Revolutionary BrigadeGolden Age 062: ConquerGolden Age 063: 108th Level HadōkyūGolden Age 064: Farewell, Strong Middle SchoolersGolden Age 065: Upset VictoryGolden Age 066: To TomorrowGolden Age 067: Their Respective ThoughtsGolden Age 068: Reunion

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