Chapter Guide
Chapter 59
Golden Age 058: A Mirror Image
Golden Age 060: Promise


Kintaro is seen to struggle with No.14's Vanish. He is injured from all the Vanishes.

Oishi and Eiji/Niou are also struggling with their opponents, No.15 and No.16. They reaslise they have little chance of defeating the twins despite both of the doubles teams using Synchronization.

Kabaji and Kawamura are both struggling with No.12 and No.13, both of them more injured than Kintaro.

Yanagi has still given up on hope of winning. He has memories of being trained by No.17. Inui tells Yanagi to throw away his data.

Momoshiro and Kenya are still going with No.18 and No.19. Kenya is hit in the bum with a smash, leaving a bruise. The high schoolers use their special techniques again, Momoshiro attemps to return it...


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 7
Golden Age 059: The Insurmountable WallGolden Age 060: PromiseGolden Age 061: Counterattack of the Revolutionary BrigadeGolden Age 062: ConquerGolden Age 063: 108th Level HadōkyūGolden Age 064: Farewell, Strong Middle SchoolersGolden Age 065: Upset VictoryGolden Age 066: To TomorrowGolden Age 067: Their Respective ThoughtsGolden Age 068: Reunion

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