Chapter Guide
Chapter 53
Golden Age 052: The Revolution Begins
Golden Age 054: Counterattack of the Black Jersey Brigade


The middle schoolers meet No.1-No.10 of the 1st string (excluding No.2). The 1st stringers are gereeted by the coaches.

No.7 tells the coaches about not being greeted personally but at the courts. The coaches meets the mysterious hooded No.4. He was picked up abroad.

No.6 questions the presence of the middle schoolers and was told they've been accepted into the camp.

Oishi is giving CPR to the victims of No.15 and No.16. He and Niou walk onto the court and challenge the duo. Niou uses Illusion (Nio) to become Kikumaru, starting the match with Synchronization.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 6
Golden Age 048: The Return of the LosersGolden Age 049: The Prince of Pillow FightingGolden Age 050: VS The Overseas Expedition GroupGolden Age 051: Those Known to the WorldGolden Age 052: The Revolution BeginsGolden Age 053: Those who Began to MoveGolden Age 054: Counterattack of the Black Jersey BrigadeGolden Age 055: Appearance of the Star PerformerGolden Age 056: The Threat of VanishGolden Age 057: Sharp ShootingGolden Age 058: A Mirror Image

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