Chapter Guide
Chapter 46
Golden Age 045: Struggle
Golden Age 047: Gate


Irie does not understand Atobe's motivation to keep going. He keeps trying to hit "finishing blows" but Atobe refuses to give in.

Atobe reads Irie's Drop Shot so he hits a lob instead. Atobe attemps to reach for it, however, he crashes into a wall. Touched by Atobe's performance, Irie lies and says he can't raise his shoulder anymore. The match turns out to be a no-game.

The referee tells the court to send out a reserve player. Everyone is prepared, however Oni takes the stage.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 5
Golden Age 037: Farewell Tezuka KunimitsuGolden Age 038: One Step Ahead...Golden Age 039: EvolutionGolden Age 040: Trusting Too MuchGolden Age 041: ProcessGolden Age 042: Breaking One's PrideGolden Age 043: Atobe KingdomGolden Age 044: To Tie-BreakGolden Age 045: StruggleGolden Age 046: The Promise Is Finally FulfilledGolden Age 047: Gate

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