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Chapter 37
Golden Age 036: Wish
Golden Age 038: One Step Ahead...


Yamato keeps using Gen'u Yume Utsutsu on Tezuka and the audience believe he is still hitting the ball. However, they realsie, Tezuka is an illusion too.

The high schoolers believe this is Tezuka's true strength, but Tanegashima knows Tezuka has more strength than what he is currently showing.

Tezuka has memory flashes of all the things he wanted to accomplish. He finally unlocks Teni Muhō no Kiwami and wins the match, 6-4. Both Yuiimura and Fuji are stunned.

With a few words from Yamato, Tezuka decides to head to Germany. Atobe tells him to leave the team under his leadership. Fuji asks Tezuka for a favour before he leaves.

Its revealed that this match was Yamato's retirement match.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 5
Golden Age 037: Farewell Tezuka KunimitsuGolden Age 038: One Step Ahead...Golden Age 039: EvolutionGolden Age 040: Trusting Too MuchGolden Age 041: ProcessGolden Age 042: Breaking One's PrideGolden Age 043: Atobe KingdomGolden Age 044: To Tie-BreakGolden Age 045: StruggleGolden Age 046: The Promise Is Finally FulfilledGolden Age 047: Gate

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