Chapter Guide
Chapter 36
Golden Age 035: Decisive Battle between the Seigaku Captains!
Golden Age 037: Farewell Tezuka Kunimitsu


Yamamto fully explains how Gen'u Yume Utsutsu works. Court 3 could not believe Yamato had a technique like this.

Tezuka decides to use Tezuka Phantom so both the real and illusion balls go out of the court. However, Atobe disagrees with the idea since it will put a strain on Tezuka's arm.

Yamato comments on Tezuka sacrificing himself for the team, so he decides to show him his own arm, after a flashback of how Yamato met Tezuka and losing. Tezuka is shocked so Yamato tells him to play for himself.

After the display, Tezuka's facial expression changes.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 4
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