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Chapter 33
Golden Age 032: Forbidden Devil Mode
Golden Age 034: Angel Mode


Shiraishi's bandaged arm is revealed to be a Golden Gauntlet. There is flashback from two-years ago. Coach Osamu gave Shiraishi the Gauntlet. He told him to never take it off until Graduation. However, Shiraishi had to break his promise in the current match.

Shiraishi throws his Gauntlet to under the referee's chair and comments on Kirihara's hairstyle. Chikahiko Matsudaira tries to steal the Gauntlet but gets yelled at.

Throughout the match, Shiraishi keeps complimenting Kirihara. Its revealed that without the Gauntlet, Shiraishi's arm speed drastically improves. The middle schoolers begin to make their comeback. Court 5 realise Kirihara has a new mode: Angel Mode.

Techniques IntroducedEdit


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 4
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