Chapter Guide
Chapter 29
Golden Age 028: The Mysterious Relationship between Oni and the Middle Schoolers
Golden Age 030: Gravestone


Akutsu and Oni meet up and Akutsu asks Oni why he wasn't chosen. Oni gives a vague answer but tells him to "fill in the blanks". The match order is revealed. The first match is singles 3.

Irie and Atobe have a minor arrogant attitude with each other. The referre tells the singles 3 players to step on the court. Joru asks who he is and Kirihara has a flashback to the nationals on hin match with Krauser. However, the oher court 5 members tell him to set his hatred aside.

Oni yells at Krauser to win. Nakagauchi tells Oni he needs to have his payback, hinting they are rivals. Nakagauchi steps onto the court.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 4
Golden Age 027: The Opening GateGolden Age 028: The Mysterious Relationship between Oni and the Middle SchoolersGolden Age 029: Team Shuffle Golden Age 030: Gravestone Golden Age 031: The Oath on the CrossGolden Age 032: Forbidden Devil Mode Golden Age 033: GOLDGolden Age 034: Angel Mode Golden Age 035: Decisive Battle between the Seigaku Captains!Golden Age 036: Wish

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