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Chapter 28
Golden Age 027: The Opening Gate
Golden Age 029: Team Shuffle


People around the camp are both nervous and excited about the team shuffle between Court 3 and Court 5. Irie wonders if Oni was waiting for this moment.

In the 5th court locker room, Oni explains the rules of a team shuffle. The 5th court members get excited. Oni explains they have "set fire to his heart". Since there are 12 members, only 7 can play and Oni will be deciding the players.

Tezuka is doing some laps around the camp and meets up with Yūdai Yamato, who he recognises despite a change in appearance.

The next day, the Team Shuffle start. The line-up is revealed:

  • Doubles 2: Shiraishi/Kirihara vs Matsudaira/Miyako
  • Doubles 1: Chitose/Tachibana vs Suzuki/Washio
  • Singles 3: Krauser vs Nakagaushi
  • Singles 2: Tezuka vs Yamato
  • Singles 1: Atobe vs Irie

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New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 4
Golden Age 027: The Opening GateGolden Age 028: The Mysterious Relationship between Oni and the Middle SchoolersGolden Age 029: Team Shuffle Golden Age 030: Gravestone Golden Age 031: The Oath on the CrossGolden Age 032: Forbidden Devil Mode Golden Age 033: GOLDGolden Age 034: Angel Mode Golden Age 035: Decisive Battle between the Seigaku Captains!Golden Age 036: Wish

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