Chapter Guide
Chapter 20
Golden Age 019: Starting from Zero
Golden Age 021: Special Mission


Coach Mifune instructs all the high school drop-outs and the middle school losers to play tennis on the cliff. The losing team has to sleep in the cave.

The high schoolers are winning by having more experience on the rocky court. While the high schoolers are getting arrogant since they are winning, Yanagi and Inui are analysing the court. They tell the remaining middle schoolers to get off the court so they can play.

Inui and Yanagi take out all but three high schoolers. But they still lose and the middle schoolers sleep in the cave.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 3
Golden Age 017: The Losers Crawl On UpGolden Age 018: Heaven Or HellGolden Age 019: Starting from ZeroGolden Age 020: Sudden Death MatchGolden Age 021: Special MissionGolden Age 022: Naive TrapGolden Age 023: Sports Man Hunt (Opening Act)Golden Age 024: Sports Man Hunt (Final Act)Golden Age 025: TransformationGolden Age 026: Revolution

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