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Chapter 9
Golden Age 008: Emperor vs Child of God (Opening Act)
Golden Age 010: Those Chosen by their Captains (Opening Act)

The match between Sanada and Yukimura has become one-sided. Since Sanada is unable to see the ball, Yukimura quickly scores two more points, extending his lead to 3-0. As they continue to play, Yukimura remembers how much he owes Sanada for leading the team in his absence. The score is 5-0 now, Sanada keeps swinging his racket around and the spectators comment how he's trying to suppress the Yips with pure willpower.

Suddenly, a shot soars past Yukimura's head. Nobody knows what's going on, but Sanada is engulfed by a black aura. For a moment, Yukimura is shocked and scared. He then says that while he wanted to enjoy playing tennis today, it apparently won't be possible. In the end, Yukimura wins 7-1. Sanada walks off the court without accepting Yukimura's handshake. From the stands, Oni, Irie and Tokugawa comment how it's unfortunate that Sanada is forced to leave the camp, but that the coach makes the decisions.

In the next three matches, Kite forces Kai to forfeit and wins by default, Fuji earns an absolute victory over his brother and Shishido is unable to return any of Ōtori's serves which leads to him losing the match 7-9. Atobe steps on the court, faces the surveillance camera and declares that it's showtime.

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No new characters were introduced in this chapter.

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  • In the volume release, there are three extra pages about the match between the Fuji brothers. After the match, Fuji brags that he's stronger than Tezuka, Shiraishi and Atobe.

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