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Chapter 8
Golden Age 007: Surmounting the Harsh Trials
Golden Age 009: Emperor vs Child of God (Final Act)

The next set of matches is about to start. Sakata trips Krauser as they enter the court. Sanada asks Yukimura not to hold back during their match, but Yukimura just replies that Sanada never holds back to begin with.

Yukimura serves first. Sanada returns the serve with FuuRinKaInZanRai's Ka and approaches the net. Yukimura comments how Sanada's playing the same as usual and casually hits the return past him. Sanada catches up and returns the shot with Rai. While he acknowledges Rai as troublesome for breaking the racket strings, Yukimura uses the handle to hit it back instead. The spectators are in awe and say that this match is on an entirely different level.

Krauser has crucified Sakata and won 7-0. The match between the Fudomine 2nd years on the other hand is close. Ibu aims for a cord ball and Kamio seems to have trouble catching up, but the ball doesn't quite make it over the net - Kamio wins 7-5.

While the other two matches have finished, the one between Rikkai's captain and vice-captain is still on the first point. However, Shishido comments that Sanada's movements have become strange. Sanada himself realizes that he can neither see nor hear any more, the Yips has started to affect him. Finally, Yukimura scores the first point.

New CharactersEdit

No new characters were introduced in this chapter.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 2
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