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Chapter 6
Golden Age 005: Momoshiro's Determination
Golden Age 007: Surmounting the Harsh Trials

According to Saitō's instructions, the middle schoolers form pairs - Atobe teams up with Hiyoshi, Tezuka with Kaidō and Yanagi with Kirihara. After everyone is paired up, Saitō reveals that they will now play singles tiebreak matches against their partners. The losers are eliminated from the camp.

Scene shift. Horio arrives at the front gate of the camp to deliver Ryoma's bag. He meets with Dan, who came to give Akutsu a good luck charm, and Urayama, who wants to meet the other Rikkai players. Since the gate is closed, they sneak their way in through a hole in the fence. A bit farther in, the trio runs into Oni. They're scared of him and flee. After running for a bit, they arrive near the courts the other middle schoolers are playing on and observe the tiebreaks.

The first match is between Oshitari and Mukahi. Mukahi tries to score with his acrobatics, but Oshitari calmly returns the shot and finishes the match with a score of 7-0. At the same time, the match between Niō and Yagyuu is in its final stages on another court. The score is tied at 6-6. Yagyuu's shot clips the net. Niō jumps to return the ball, but fails and at the same time collides with the net post. 7-6, Yagyuu. Niō's leg is bleeding and he is limping. The spectators say that a single Laser Beam to the open court will end the match. Yagyuu hits the Laser, but to everyone's surprise Niō starts sprinting towards the ball...!

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No new characters were introduced in this chapter.

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