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Chapter 2 (Update)
Golden Age 001: The Prince Returns Home
Golden Age 003: The True Strength of the High Schoolers

Having picked up the final one of the 250 balls dropped by the coaches in the previous chapter, Ryoma stuns the high schoolers who were unable to obtain a ball themselves. He is then greeted by the other middle schoolers. Following the lead of 2nd year Sasabe Jun'ichi, a member of 12th court, the high schoolers that don't have a ball challenge the middle schoolers to a tennis match in order to determine who is allowed to stay in the camp. The first match is between Ryoma and 11th court member Matsudaira Chikao.

Chikao starts the match with his special move, Magnum Serve. Ryoma is unable to return the first serve, but brings the second one back into play and a rally unfolds. The remaining high schoolers yell at Chikao to hurry up and finish Ryoma, so that they can have their matches next. However, Chikao notices that Ryoma is toying with him by copying all of his shots exactly.

Ryoma hits a winner and proceeds to even copy the Magnum Serve. Chikao cannot dodge the serve and is knocked out.

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New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 1
Golden Age 001: The Prince Returns HomeGolden Age 002: The True Strength of the Middle SchoolersGolden Age 003: The True Strength of the High SchoolersGolden Age 004: The Extermination of Momoshiro's DemonsGolden Age 005: Momoshiro's DeterminationGolden Age 006: Attacking Your ComradeGolden Age 007: Surmounting the Harsh Trials

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