Chapter Guide
Chapter 1
Golden Age 002: The True Strength of the Middle Schoolers

This is the opening chapter of the sequel series New Prince of Tennis.


Ryoma come back from America sometime after the Nationals as he is invited to the All-Japan Junior Training Camp along with several other Middle Schoolers seen in the prequel series.

New CharactersEdit



New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 1
Golden Age 001: The Prince Returns HomeGolden Age 002: The True Strength of the Middle SchoolersGolden Age 003: The True Strength of the High SchoolersGolden Age 004: The Extermination of Momoshiro's DemonsGolden Age 005: Momoshiro's DeterminationGolden Age 006: Attacking Your ComradeGolden Age 007: Surmounting the Harsh Trials

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