Go Go Girls
Tennis no Oujisama Go! Go! Girls!
Go Go Girls Cover
Sakuno Ryuzaki, Tomoka Osakada,
An Tachibana
Release date
March 4, 2004
¥2200 (tax included)
Distributed By
King Records
Catalog Number
Complete music list

Go Go Girls consist of the young females introduced in the series, consisting of Sakuno Ryuzaki, Tomoka Osakada, and An Tachibana.

Go Go GirlsEdit

  1. 春の青 (Haru no Ao) – Ryuzaki Sakuno
  2. ステキッ!! 〜愛しのリョーマ様 〜 (Suteki!! ~Itoshi no Ryoma-sama~) – Osakada Tomoka
  3. 大切なもの (Taisetsu na Mono) – Tachibana An
  4. ミラクル カラフル Carnival! (Miracle Colorful Carnival)! – Sakuno, Tomo, An
  5. Sakuno Voice Message
  6. Tomoka Voice Message
  7. An Voice Message
  8. 放課後のおしゃべり (Houkago no Oshaberi 1) (Girls voice message)
  9. 放課後のおしゃべり (Houkago no Oshaberi 2) (Yumiko voice message)

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