Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 41: The Final Battle! The Prince VS the Child of God
Genius 361: Thought Beyond 2 YearsGenius 362: Fuji Shusuke's Great Wall - 2nd MatchGenius 363: With Close Eyes, My Heart Feels YouGenius 364: TrickeryGenius 365: Time, Moving Once AgainGenius 366: Remember!!Genius 367: 1 Piece of MemoryGenius 368: BondsGenius 369: Join With RyomaGenius 370: ReinforcementsGenius 371: Final Battle! The Prince vs The Child of God

Genius 363: With Close Eyes, My Heart Feels You is the 363rd chapter of The Prince of Tennis.




New CharactersEdit


New TechniquesEdit

New LocationsEdit


Notable MatchesEdit

  • Fuji vs Niou

Differences from the AnimeEdit



End of Chapter SpecialEdit




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