Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 38: The Fierce Battle! 1-Ball Match: Echizen Ryoma VS Tooyama Kintarou
Genius 332: The Stage is SetGenius 333: Hyakuren Jitoku vs SaikikanpatsuGenius 334: Absolute PredictionGenius 335: One's Own ThresholdGenius 336: The Final BattleGenius 337: The Fierce Battle! 1-Point Match: Echizen Ryoma vs Tooyama KintarouGenius 338: DevilGenius 339: The Whereabouts of the One-Point MatchGenius 340: Towards the Prince of TennisGenius 341: Tonight is a Yakiniku Party

Genius 332: The Stage is Set is the 332nd chapter of The Prince of Tennis. This chapter is the start of the Doubles 1 encounter between the Chitose Senri and Zaizen Hikaru pair and the Inui Sadaharu and Tezuka Kunimitsu pair during the Nationals Semifinals between Shitenhoji and Seigaku.


Shitenhoji's coach revealed that he never accepted Chitose's initial club resignation. Initially, Oshitari Kenya was meant to partner Zaizen in Doubles 1 however he selflessly gave the spot to Chitose as he knew how much Chitose wanted to challenge fellow Muga no Kyouchi door opener Tezuka Kunimitsu.

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