Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 36: Heated Battle! Seigaku VS Shitenhouji
Genius 313: Order AnnouncedGenius 314: Heated Battle! Seigaku VS ShitenhoujiGenius 315: The Perfect ManGenius 316: One Rank AboveGenius 317: Fuji's DesperationGenius 318: Bible vs GeniusGenius 319: The Gate That Has Been Shut HardGenius 320: My TimeGenius 321: Period

Genius 319: The Gate That Has Been Shut Hard is the 319th chapter of The Prince of Tennis.




New CharactersEdit


New TechniquesEdit

-Hecatoncheires no Monban

New LocationsEdit


Notable MatchesEdit

  • Shiraishi vs Fuji

Differences from the AnimeEdit



End of Chapter SpecialEdit




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