Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 34: Synchro
Genius 293: SynchroGenius 294: Birth of the True Golden PairsGenius 295: A Game One Can Be Satisfied WithGenius 296: The Self-Centered PairGenius 297: Fierce Clash!! Echizen Ryoma vs Atobe KeigoGenius 298: Prelude to the BattleGenius 299: World of IceGenius 300: An Approach to PerfectionGenius 301: Supporting Seigaku's PillarGenius 302: The Value of Ryoma's Experience

Genius 299: World of Ice is the 299th chapter of The Prince of Tennis.




New CharactersEdit


New TechniquesEdit

New LocationsEdit


Notable MatchesEdit

Ryoma vs Atobe

Differences from the AnimeEdit



End of Chapter SpecialEdit




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