Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 29: Curtains Rise for the Nationals
Genius 247: (Wild 3) Goodbye Pei-chan... AndGenius 248: The Curtains Rise for the NationalsGenius 249: Return of TezukaGenius 250: Oishi's DecisionGenius 251: Curtains Rise for the Nationals!!Genius 252: The Skill of Okinawa's Higa Jr. HighGenius 253: A Lone Man's BattleGenius 254: Seigaku vs. HigaGenius 255: One Shot Killer Big Bang

Genius 255: One Shot Killer Big Bang is the 255th chapter of The Prince of Tennis. This chapter involves the Singles 3 encounter between Seigaku and Higa of Echizen Ryoma VS Tanishi Kei.


The match between Seigaku and Higa Chuu in the 2nd Round of the Nationals which was Higa Chuu's 2nd match after crushing Rokkaku and Seigaku's first match as they were finalists and winners of the Kanto Regional Tournament and received a bye into the 2nd Round.

Ryoma and Tanishi's match goes underway and despite Ryoma cruising to winning the first game, he is stunned by Tanishi's serve Big Bang which blows him away.

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  • Big Bang: an extremely powerful serve.

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