Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 6: Sign of Strength
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Genius 048: The Day Before the Tournament - Karupin's Big Adventure is the 48th chapter of The Prince of Tennis. The anime equivalent is episode 27, which was originally aired on April 17, 2002.


On the day prior to the Prefectuals, Echizen Ryoma is found to be practicing against one of the walls at the temple that Nanjiro works at. While he is practicing, Karupin can be seen playing with one of the stray tennis balls behind Ryoma. During Ryoma's last round of hitting the ball against the ball against the wall, Karupin vanishes from the temple grounds.

Karupin is later seen by Kaido Kaoru at First Central Park, where junior attempts to play with him. The himalayan is next found by Kawamura Takashi, who attempts to feed him a fish. After his rejection of both Seishun Gakuen tennis regulars, he is seen by Fuji Shuusuke from the window of his home, who asks Fuji Yumiko if she has ever seen a stray himalayan before. Follwing his trip to the Fuji household, Karupin is seen passing by the shoe store that Kikumaru Eiji is trying on a pair of sneakers (he was 80 yen short during his purchase). He is next seen outside of the hospital that Oishi's Uncle works at and where Oishi Shuuchirou and Tezuka Kunimitsu have come to have Tezuka's elbow checked over. Karupin is finally returned to the Echizen family when is found by Momoshiro Takeshi.

That night Ryoma gives Karupin a bath as punishment.


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Differences from the AnimeEdit


  • Ryoma does not worry about Karupin as much in the manga as in the anime. It seems it is because wandering around outside of the Echizen household is something that Karupin occasionally does.

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