Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 1: Ryoma Echizen
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Genius 003: 2nd Year vs 1st Year is the 3rd chapter of The Prince of Tennis. Ryoma plays a match against Momoshiro.


The chapter starts off with the first years asking Ryoma if he is really going to play against Momoshiro, and Tomoka asks Sakuno if she knows Ryoma, with Sakuno returning a half-hearted answer. Ikeda tries to stop Momoshiro, but he simply states that he wouldn't tell on the 2nd years for picking on their juniors.

Momoshiro asks Ryoma if he is able to hit a Twist Serve, which surprises Horio while the 2nd years are confused. Horio explains that the Twist Serve uses the reverse spin of a Slice Serve, which allows the ball to bounce at a topspin, which Momoshiro recognizes that the ball would fly at the returner's face. Ryoma, however, becomes impatient and demands to start the game. Momoshiro spins the racquet to determine who serves first, which Ryoma calls wrong, but Momo gives the serve to Ryoma first. Horio asks to be the referee, which Momoshiro agrees, while Ryoma seems to be staring at Momo's legs with an unknown look.

Ryoma starts the game with a quick service ace, which amazed the spectators, but made Momoshiro declare that he wanted to see the Twist Serve and not a slice serve, with Ryoma refusing and leaving Momo grumbling. The score now is 15-love, with Ryoma serving in a form Sakuno recognizes as the Twist Serve. Momoshiro is unable to return it, so he tries to hit the next Twist Serve when the ball was on the rise, which also failed. Ikeda and Hayashi are left dumbfounded, as Ryoma goes to win the game, making the current score 1-0. During Ryoma's next service game, however, Momoshiro is able to barely return Ryoma's Twist Serve. During the next serve, Momoshiro returns the ball properly, but Ryoma approached the net and after another return, Ryoma finished the point with a drop volley. While Momoshiro was thinking that he needed to quickly finish the game, Ryoma switched to his left hand. Momoshiro suddenly quit the game, and he walked away.

Tomoka goes to introduce herself to Ryoma as Sakuno's friend, only with Ryoma forgetting who Sakuno was. It is also revealed that Momo's knee was injured, but Momo commented that Ryoma already knew, which was the reason Ryoma was playing with his non-dominant hand to give Momo a handicap. At Ryoma's house, he comments that he still has a ways to go, and suddenly remembers who Sakuno was.


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Notable Matches

Ryoma vs. Takeshi Momoshiro, resulting in Momoshiro's defeat via forfeit.

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  • This chapter first introduces the traditional method of spinning a tennis racquet to determine who serves first. Smooth is the front side of the racquet, while rough is the back side.

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