Gen'u Yume Utsutsu

Tezuka cant handle Yamato's Gun'u Yume Utsutsu

Shot Type

A high-level groundstroke technique which, theoretically, should only be effective against high-level players, this technique uses the fact that the opponent uses their observation skills to predict the strength and course of one's next shot by watching things such as the opponent's movements and breathing to predict what their next course of action need to be.

Because of the opponent's high-level analysis, Yamato uses this against the opponent by changing the course of his shot completely during the moment when he hits the ball, which gives the opponent the illusion that the ball they're chasing is the real ball, when the actual ball's course is completely different. However, due to this, it can be inferred that beginner-level players who do not analyze the opponent could probably see where the real ball is.



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