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Season 2, Episode 49
Episode 49
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Free-Style Fighting (異種核闘戦Ishukaku Tōsen) is the 49th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It was first aired on the 18th September 2002.


When Rikkai Dai's Kirihara Akaya accidentally stops at the wrong bus stop, he ends up visiting Seishun Academy. While he causes trouble for the Seigaku regulars during practice, the freshmen are stuck doing classroom duties.

Meanwhile, Horio then gets into trouble with an upperclassman, who is also a basketball player. In order to protect him, Echizen Ryoma and the basketball player have a free throw contest, with Ryoma using a tennis ball for a basketball and a broom for a racket. When he wins, he forces the upperclassman to do his remaining classroom duties.