The first list of 20 1st Stringers that appears in the storyline made up the Foreign Expedition Group who were said to have been returning from their South Korean, General Asian, and European Campaigns are as follows:

1st StringersEdit

  1. Byōdōin Hōō 3rd Year High School
  2. Tanegashima Shūji 3rd Year High School *Did not travel with the group*
  3. Duke Watanabe 3rd Year High School
  4. Echizen Ryoga Year High School
  5. Kaji Kazena 3rd Year High School
  6. Ryūji Ōmagari 3rd Year High School
  7. Kimijima Ikuto 3rd Year High School
  8. Tōno Atsukyō 3rd Year High School
  9. Ochi Tsukimitsu 3rd Year High School
  10. Mōri Juzaburō 1st Year High School
  11. Fuwa Tetsuhito 2nd Year High School
  12. Date Danji 3rd Year High School
  13. Ban Rikiya 3rd Year High School
  14. Hakamada Izou 3rd Year High School
  15. Mutsu Yūma 3rd Year High School
  16. Mutsu Yūho 3rd Year High School
  17. Mitsuya Akuto 2nd Year High School
  18. Taira Yoshiyuki 2nd Year High School
  19. Hara Tetsuya 1st Year High School
  20. Akiba Kōyō 3rd Year High School


1st Stringers

9 members of the team. From L to R: Echizen, Mouri, Tohno, Ohmagari, Byoudouin, Ochi, Duke, Kaji and Kimijima.

At this stage, these are the 1st Stringers that the readers first see. However it is revealed that Oni Jujiro was the actual No.5 and that Kaji was a temporary replacement.

No.s 11-19 get defeated by Middle Schoolers upon their return to the Japanese U-17 Selection Camp and are replaced as 1st Stringers by them. No.20 Akiba is defeated by Irie Kanata. Afterwards, No.s 9 and 10 Ochi and Mouri respectively, lose their positions to Middle Schoolers Atobe Keigo and Niou Masaharu respectively.

It is revealed that Kaji was not the original No.5 of the Genius 10. It is likely that he originally had a different number but it is unknown which number. He replaced Oni as the No.5 as Oni wanted to stay in the camp to strengthen the 2nd Stringers. When Oni was the Number 5, the Top 10 was known as the Genius 10.

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