The Prince of Tennis
Season New Prince of Tennis, Episode 10
Tezuka kunimitsu goodbye
Air date
March 7th, 2012
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New Prince of Tennis Specials arc

Farewell, Kunimitsu Tezuka is the 10th episode of New Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 7th March 2012.


At the training camp in the mountains, the middle schoolers are given rackets filled with lead and are forced to hit balls with the rackets. Meanwhile, in the U-17 camp, Court 5 are having team shuffle matches with Court 3. Tezuka is having a match with Yudai Yamato, Seigaku's former captain. Yamato tells Tezuka not to put anymore pressure on his arm, as he may go through intense pain in rehabilitation like Yamato did. Tezuka finally smiles, and acquires the "Pinnacle of Perfection" and wins against Yamato. Echizen came to watch the match halfway through. After the match Tezuka decided to go to Germany to became a pro tennis player.. Where he could reach his dreams..

Moves IntroducedEdit



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