Entaku Shot

Entaku shot

Shot Type
Overhead Smash

The shot that inspired Kevin Smith's Illusion in the anime. Shiraishi hits a sidespin smash with the frame of his racket that causes the ball to fly in a circular ring formation until it hits the course without bouncing.

It is first seen in the manga during the Nationals Semifinals Singles 3 match where Shiraishi uses it against Fuji. However in the Nationals OVA Shiraishi performs the stance for this move in his game against Fuji however the scene simply skips to Shiraishi gaining the point, making it unkown in the anime what the ball does after he uses that stance.

An incomplete version of the Entaku Shot was shown in Another Story 2 - ~The Times We Shared~ OVA. Where Shiraishi was just a 2nd Year Middle Schooler at the time.



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